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Jan 10, 2021

We are reducing our cleanup activities in line with COV19 restrictions. Please contact us for latest information.

Article for DLCRA Newsletter

November 26th 2020

This is the full article that was submitted to DLCRA in November 2020.

Funding arrives from DLRCOCO

November 12 2020

We have been successful in applying for 2 grants under the 2020 LCEP. Many thanks to DLRCOCO. The funds will be put to good use.

Pruning around the Boylan Centre

November 10th, 2020

In agreement with Fr. Tyrell we carried out a substantial pruning around the Boylan Centre. The DLRCOCO parks department kindly removed all the pruned vegetation.


November 7th 2020

A number of transition year students have joined our volunteer groups as part of the GAISCE community service programme



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